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Being an independent musician, I learned very early on that music videos can be an expensive addition to a musician's portfolio.  That's when I began to find ways to make my own, cost friendly videos using minimal resources and it wasn't long before I began to see that the very limitations I used to see as a hindrance, were in fact a goldmine for creativity.

After many years spent honing this craft, learning new techniques and building up on filmmaking equipment, I figured I'd use this skillset to help others on a budget to create quality visuals to accompany their own music - and that's when I created Team Biscuit Studios...

It's not all just about music videos anymore though - I've experimented with short films, documentaries, interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff, animations and pub/restaurant/hotel promotional content, as well as live promo videos for music artists and, if I've learned anything at all during this time, it's that filmmaking, not matter what the project, is all about telling a story

And that's why I don't call myself a musician anymore.  Or even a filmmaker. I am a Storyteller (and I have a big box of tools at my disposal).

So let me help you tell your story (without breaking the bank!)

Jamie Hawkins

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